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Дроссель в блоке питания
Универсальный дроссель входного фильтра в различных блоках питания

Why do you need a choke in the power supply?

In electronic circuits, a choke, also known as an inductor or reactor, is often used in power supplies for several reasons:

Filtering and Smoothing: One of the main functions of a choke in a power supply is to filter and smooth the output voltage. It helps reduce or eliminate high-frequency noise or ripple present in the power supply output. The choke's inductive property allows it to impede the flow of high-frequency current variations while allowing the DC (direct current) component to pass through more easily. This results in a more stable and regulated output voltage.

Current Limiting: Chokes can also serve as current-limiting devices. They provide impedance to the flow of current, which helps prevent excessive current surges or spikes from damaging the circuitry or components downstream. By limiting the current, chokes offer protection to sensitive components and can enhance the overall reliability and longevity of the power supply.

EMI/RFI Suppression: Another significant benefit of chokes is their ability to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). The inductive characteristics of the choke create a high impedance path for high-frequency noise, preventing it from propagating further into the circuit or radiating into the surrounding environment. This helps in meeting electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements and ensures that the power supply does not interfere with other nearby electronic devices.

Voltage Regulation: Chokes can contribute to voltage regulation in certain types of power supplies, such as linear regulators or power amplifiers. By incorporating a choke in the feedback loop, the regulation circuit can achieve better stability, reduce output voltage variations caused by load changes, and improve overall performance.

It's important to note that the specific need for a choke in a power supply depends on the design requirements and the characteristics of the circuit being powered. Not all power supplies require a choke, and alternative components or techniques may be used to achieve similar objectives.

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