Readme - Ghost Lab version 1.00

How to Install: 

      1. In Windows Explorer, navigate into the directory where you have downloaded the Ghost Lab setup.

      2. Double click the GhostLabSetup.exe program.

      3. Follow the steps of the install until complete.

      4. Please note that Ghost Lab cannot be installed into the same directory as GameCam.

How to Run: 

    1. Start Ghost Lab by selecting it from the Start Programs menu.  Note that all other applications using the camera, such as GameCam, must be closed before doing so.

The Challenge: 

A mad scientist has infiltrated the highly secure confines of Reality Fusion.  He has trapped the characters from GameCam and is using them in his devious experiments.  He is attempting to make millions of copies of these characters to serve as his evil minions.  So far he has only succeeded in reproducing ghostly doppelgangers that serve as security in his lab.  As one of the ultimate GameCam players you have been dispatched to deal with the problem.  Your only armament consists of the RF Mark 1 Battle Probe.  This state-of-the-art fighting machine allows you to use your movement energy to dispatch all otherworldly and nebulous apparitions.  You need to fight off the ghosts for as long as you can to allow the GameCam scientists time to research a solution to this frightening problem. 

How to Play:

Below is a surveillance photo taken of a recent attempt at overcoming the ghosts.  The most important features of the Mark 1 Battle Probe are highlighted so that you will be prepared to fight to the best of your abilities.     

Ghost Lab Screen Shot

  • Move within the Energy Building Area (EBA) to generate an Energy Ball.  

  • Fire the ball by hitting the Triggering Arch.  Where you hit the Trigger Arch determines the direction of the shot.  

  • When an Energy Ball contacts a ghost, it is dispatched from this corporeal realm. 

  • Points are accumulated for each ghost that is defeated. 

  • If a ghost comes in contact with the Battle Probe it will suck out some of your life energy, which is displayed on the Life Meter.  

  • When your life energy is gone the game ends.   

  • Hit Replay to play again and try to better your High Score or Exit to quit. 

Hot Tips:

  • Rotate your hand or simply wiggle your fingers in the center of the EBA to build an Energy Ball.

  • If you stop moving the Energy Ball will gradually diminish in size.  

  • Two ghosts can actually be sent away by the same shot if they are close enough to each other.  


During Ghost Lab, press F1 to display this help screen.  For additional Help or information on Ghost Lab, check the Reality Fusion Website at.

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Check the Reality Fusion Website at for more games.


  • Game Design and Implementation – Don Fossgreen

  • Aura Warrior - Dave Sals

  • Art Direction and Art – Alan Murphy

  • Quality Assurance – Jon Spivak

  • Ghost Lab Theme Song – Max Montgomery