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I ask the words - I. Ibragimov

I ask the words - I. Ibragimov


And vice and virtue begin with the Word


In a multinational society, national pruritus can be born. If measures are not taken, then the itch can develop into national scabies, and behind it there is always a shadow of nationalism. In general, everything was fine with these problems. We had: the uprising of Razin and Pugachev. After the revolution, performances in Kronstadt, Tambov, Novocherkassk, Temirtau. In all these events, the national spirit did not even smell. This was explained by the good nature and mutual tolerance of our peoples, and later also by the policy of internationalization of society.


With the collapse of the Union, it seemed that the national confrontation in Kazakhstan should have been greater than anywhere else, but this did not happen thanks to the policy of President Nazarbayev. We recognize this fact as undeniable.


I ask the words - I. Ibragimov And vice and virtue begin with the Word


However, in the process of forming a new state, with the support and connivance of the power structures and nationalist leaders-humanitarian leaders, the national itch has revived. The following seems insignificant. We have a state national library. Why is the state-it is clear, and why the national? Maybe because all the employees there are indigenous? About the same thing with our universities. Is the role of non-indigenous and, in general, who are non-indigenous, reduced in such cases?


Our president said that all of us should be called Kazakhstanis. This term as a slogan makes sense, but let's ask ourselves: Is it possible to form national statehood in a multinational society? The author’s answer is as follows: It is possible if all Kazakhstanis are admitted to power structures.


In a conversation with me, the famous journalist S. Kuttykadam said something like this: “We must equate all nations not in words and paper, but in practice. But the Kazakh language must be raised. ”Are we not going too far today with this rise?


Let's touch on the story again. When it comes to the nation, in any literature, the language comes first, especially among the Kazakh people. This is explained simply. When nationhood was more than primitive, there was no written language, therefore there were no written laws, then the prosecutor and judge were the biys and akyns, who were looking for truth in verbal polemics. Hence, a reverent attitude of Kazakhs to their language. But today, the times are different. I will give an example. Before the revolution, Kazakhs and Mongols stood at approximately the same level of development. Today, everyone knows the Kazakhs, although they have forgotten their language. And the Mongols did not forget their language, but their significance in the world community is much lower than that of the Kazakhs.


I believe that the main indicator of the nation (if such an indicator is needed!) Should be not the language, but its mentality.


Let us briefly consider why this itching appeared in our country and who is the carrier of this virus?


Before the revolution, settlements of Cossacks along the northern and eastern borders were not created for the development of the steppes of Kazakhstan. After the revolution, the NEP did not touch the Kazakh people. And with the start of construction of Turksib over seven five-year periods, Kazakhstan began to develop at a pace that no nation in the world knew. This happened through the mass settlement of Kazakhstan by other nations before, during and after the war.


The fact that as a result of the mixing of nations, the Kazakhs began to forget their language, this is a natural reckoning for rapid progress and there is no need to look for the culprits in the language problem.


But many engineers of human souls believe that the loss of language is tantamount to the disappearance of a nation. Against them, operating in everyday life only in language, even the president was powerless.


Today, paperwork is conducted in the unpolished Kazakh language, people communicate in all understandable Russian languages, and English is advertised that no one knows. For example, instead of a leader or a baskarma, a manager appeared. The manager company is the president, in whose subordination there is not even a dog except the vice president. Streets and squares are hung with advertisements in English, which people cannot read without an interpreter.


All this is not the backwardness of the people, but the stupidity of leaders who are trying to save the dying nation, they believe, by introducing the Kazakh language. But the nation is not dying, and although with errors, it is moving forward.


Today we are witnessing the birth of a new Kazakhstani nation, starting from a new appearance due to the mixing of blood, and ending with the internal content, having absorbed everything that is available to all the peoples living in Kazakhstan.


As for the language, it cannot be introduced by force. People will always speak a language that is more convenient for communication.


I am not the first to raise the problems of language in Kazakhstan. I’ll add from myself that this problem should be solved without causing confrontation in a multinational society.



Ilya Vadyutovich / Ilham Vadutovich Ibragimov
Alma-Ata / Almaty
2009 year

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